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The Martial Arts Center reopened for classes as of Monday, June 1st, 2020. We created a set of guidelines outlining a conservative approach to safely resuming our Dojo Training of ‘Traditional Martial Arts, Practical Self Defense, Physical Fitness & Character Development’. Click here for our: ‘TMAC’ Member Shield Protocols (Covid-19 / Corona Virus Safety Initiative – Reopening Guidelines)

Here are some encouraging reviews written by some of our students and parents whom have returned to their training since our re-opening on June 1st.

If you have been toying around with the idea of either starting a martial arts practice for yourself, or if you are a current student who stepped away from your practice for covid safety reasons and wish to return... I hope to see you on the mat!

- Shihan Mike Hernandez, Owner & Chief Instructor.

Since the dojo opened again, we were very glad to be able to give our son another opportunity to go back. Social distancing is being followed and the measures that are being implemented made us feel confident that our son would be safe.Only students are allowed inside the dojo, but, the availability to watch the classes via Zoom has been great, since we can even also involve our distant family, and that has served as encouragement for our son. Finally, the benefits from giving my son an additional calm leadership figure, as Shihan Mike, during a time of isolation have been tremendous. The dojo gives my son a sense of confidence and focus that comes back home, and that helps us all.

Villasenor Family

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Shihan Mike was serious about the health of his students.  So, when the Martial Arts Center of Atlanta announced it was reopening and released its safety protocols, I felt comfortable allowing my daughter to return.  The safety protocols the dojo has in place, including temperature checks before entry, immediate hand sanitation, and spacing out the students have been consistent since the reopening.  I am satisfied with these measures and I will continue to allow my daughter to attend in person classes.

  Holmes Family

Our son has been really grateful to be back in the dojo! Thank you for your amazing efforts to keep them safe! Everyone is wearing a mask and you’ve stopped practicing anything where the students need to be close together. After months of no interaction with children his age he’s thrilled to have something safe and physical to do! The extra 5 minutes between classes allows all students to stay more than 6’ apart. When you’re waiting you have a designated spot that is marked and 6’ feet apart. He’s been to many classes since the dojo has reopened and we’ve had zero concerns! Great job Shihan Mike! Our son cannot wait to have more colleagues return!!

Jerrold Family

Our family is so happy to be back at The Martial Arts Center! The use of masks, physical distancing, temperature checking, and sanitation measures have reassured us that the risk of spreading Covid-19 is low. Shihan has struck a good balance of safety measures to prevent illness while providing structure and connection to students during these times of uncertainty. The benefits of TMAC on healthy minds, strong bodies, and moral character cannot be overstated!

  Miles / Scheb Family

Our sons returned to the dojo two weeks ago. While we naturally felt some anxiety about this at first, we have been so impressed with the numerous precautions being taken by Shihan Mike and his staff.  Parents are not allowed in (but can watch via live-stream), everyone is masked, there is plenty of space between the kids as they practice, and the dojo is cleaned regularly.  While certainly nothing is without risk during a pandemic, we feel fully confident that our boys are safe while practicing at the Martial Arts Center, and the benefit of being back in the dojo, with Shihan and other students has been truly wonderful for their well-being.

May Family

We are a family that has been taking COVID-19 very seriously, and each decision is made with considerable thought and research. We have been impressed with the COVID-19 protocols at the TMACenter and are glad to allow our daughter to practice the activity that gives her both mental and physical benefits. It’s a scary world out there right now, but I don’t doubt the cleanliness and safe practices of Shihan Mike’s dojo.

  Reimer Family

Upon our first day of return, the temp checks, hand sanitizer, no parents going in & mask wearing is very consistent. This has been maintained & not lessened each lesson. This consistency in addition to respecting social distancing while the kids are in the center is what keeps us coming back. You & your staff are acting very responsibly & getting the kids familiar with this new way of life.

Fisher Family

My experience coming back to train at TMAC as a Yudansha/medical professional, has been outstanding.  Shihan Hernandez as done his utmost to keep our whole TMAC family safe with extensive cleaning every night, social distancing guide marks on the mat, masks and medical grade air filters.  TMAC has created a safe space to continue training our bodies and minds, especially in this period of Covid unease.

  Navi, Adult Black Belt

Shihan’s attention to detail and respect for the Covid guidelines have resulted in a safe and fun place for our son to attend, we are so thankful for all his and Ms. Krista’s efforts. Karate is the perfect social distancing sport and the masks have not been an issue, kids are so adaptable. The Martial Arts Center has been a terrific outlet for our son pre and post Covid and we’re so happy it’s back!!!

Norton Family

My seven-year-old son and I are both TMAC students. We've been ecstatic to get after it again in the dojo with Shihan Mike Hernandez and our classmates. TMAC's corona virus safety precautions are incredibly thorough and give our family great peace of mind. The dojo has been a warm, welcoming, confidence and character-building environment for us since we first joined, and we missed it dearly during the lockdown despite Shihan Mike's superhuman ability to keep the group together with at-home training videos and Zoom classes. Following TMAC's corona virus safety rules is an easy price to pay in exchange for regaining the camaraderie and spirit of the dojo.

Wolfe Family

The Martial Arts Center reopened its doors on June 1st and we were excited to be back.  Even prior to COVID-19, Shihan Michael Hernandez had the highest standards for cleanliness.  Since reopening, he has established additional safety requirements for all students including a temperature check prior to entering the building, everyone must wear a mask, and everyone must sanitize their hands prior to practice. Both the waiting area and the practice mat are set up to maintain 6 ft separation at all times.  With these additional safety measures in place, we felt confident in sending our child to the dojo to practice in person and our child is happy to be back. According to our child, nothing beats being in the dojo and getting the back and forth interaction with Shihan Mike and their peers, who both motivate and push them to be their best self.

  Broeker Family

COVID-19 has changed everyone's life including children who suddenly found themselves trapped at home. Having our child continue physical activity was essential for her emotional growth. What a great decision it was for Shihan to continue his classes virtually during the shutdown. Our child was very eager to return to the Dojo after the progressive reopening. We were again impressed with the discipline that Shihan Mike implemented for our child to return safely to the Dojo. His reinforcement of CDC guidelines including strict social distancing and mask wearing policy was a big determinant in allowing our child to return to the Dojo. Shihan is, for those who know his Dojo, obsessed with cleanliness and genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of all his students. These are the reasons why we felt that the benefits outweighed the risks but this remains our own personal opinion.

Idrissi Family

It's been four weeks since our son has re-entered the dojo, and we could not be more pleased or satisfied with the new safety protocols and the measure of peace it has given us.  Students enter and exit the dojo in a very organized, efficient and calm manner.  There is little opportunity for clustering, crowding and even one-on-one contact.  Students are kept 6 feet apart at all times on the mat and Shihan does an excellent job of making sure they remain in their positions!  We are most impressed that the students keep their masks on throughout the entire class!  It may seem bothersome, but after the first week, our son adjusted and looks forward to each class without a second thought of putting on his mask or following the new procedures.  And, if you know Shihan and Ms. Krista, they work diligently to sanitize and keep the center immaculately clean!  We also appreciate that parents are not allowed inside the dojo (further maintaining a risk-free environment), yet we are able to view the class via ZOOM.  Thank you, Shihan, for all the many precautions you have taken to ensure our children's safety as they continue to train and grow!

Chen Lin Family

Shihan Mike at The Martial Arts Center, as an instructor and as a parent, has exercised deliberate thoughtfulness, care and consideration in creating opportunities for the students to continue their martial arts practice throughout this period of public health preparations. The protocols in place now allow the students to resume classes in person at the dojo in a safe manner while practicing social distancing. My son continues to practice extreme caution in limiting his exposure in public and yet feels totally secure at the TMAC dojo in large part due to the safety protocols in place there.

We have greatly appreciated the live, online access to the training sessions throughout these past months. So, students can continue to participate in class even if they're not ready to be in the dojo in person. As a parent, the live, online class access also provides a way for me to continue to support my son's progress and his commitment to honing and improving his martial arts skills. It's great to be a part of the TMAC Family! Thank you Shihan Mike and Ms. Krista. Thank you The Martial Arts Center.

Binuya Family

Our yellow belt Dragon has continued with Shihan throughout the pandemic (we are very appreciative of the hard work Shihan put in to keep the virtual classes going). We elected to return, in person, to the dojo, knowing even before the pandemic how conscious Shihan is of cleanliness, and now even more so, with the multiple added sanitation and distancing measures the dojo is taking. Nothing can replace in-person learning (especially of karate!), and we are grateful our son has another place to enjoy life’s activities among the few that are currently open. Our family is also being very cautious, per CDC guidelines, and we also believe that there is a way to balance caution and care for everyone’s health with continuing to live our lives during this time (especially for our young children!).

Verner Family

Our daughter has been coming here pre Covid and is now back in the studio training.  I am happy to report that dojo is taking every precaution in response to COVID-19.  Masks, temperature checks and hand sanitizing happen before the kids can come in. We feel very confident that the studio is a safe place to continue training.

Corey Family

To all those who are not currently physically attending the dojo, I understand your concern and I am not under the intention to change your mind simply ask that you consider it a possibility. Shihan and Ms. Krista have taken large amounts of effort to make the dojo welcoming and safe. Hand sanitizer is readily available and masks are provided for a small fee. There is plenty of space for social distancing, I hope you understand.

  S.H. Tiger Purple Belt

Our son has been thrilled to be back in the dojo training in person with Shihan and his peers. He has been able to safely get back into his routine by wearing a mask and safely distancing during his class sessions.

Ayers Family
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