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Dear Atlanta / Tucker Community

As of March 16th, we had to and will remain closed to the public in support of the safety and health of our student body and community due to the corona virus and its attached health / safety concerns. If you are interested in joining our TMACenter family then know that we look forward to meeting / training with you when all is safe to do so. In the meantime, keep yourself and all family members healthy and know that we will be on the other side of this soon!

Dear TMACenter Students

Though we're not having class at the dojo, we will be utilizing this time to create Individual Class Online Bi-Weekly Videos which will be made available to you every Tuesday and Thursday for you to actively watch & participate at your convenience. As well, we will be conducting Class Online Conferencing on Wednesday and Friday following that Weeks Videos.  Emails are being sent out weekly with regard to our Training Videos being posted and Class Conference links being sent. If you are not getting these emails then please contact us immediately so we can correct this for you... Email us at: or call us at: 404-315-1040.

Keep Living Life

We hope these issues pass quickly. Life cannot stop moving forward and we all simply need to practice responsible habits and take the proper precautions (like washing your hands regularly). I understand this may prompt some people to overreact and pause / cancel their membership. However, we all want a Dojo to return to after this passes so I encourage you to continue your membership, be patient with the situation, follow along with our Training Videos and attend our Bi-Weekly Class Conferences. We will get through this.

- Shihan Michael Hernandez, Owner & Chief Instructor

Children's Karate Tucker and Atlanta

At The Martial Arts Center in Tucker and Atlanta, we believe in whole body wellness. Our goal is to provide self-defense training and physical conditioning in a focused and disciplined environment. The results are a healthier body, a calmer spirit and a more focused mind.

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More Than A Sport & Just As Fun

  • We have separate classes for Dragons (5-7 years old) and Tigers (8-12 years old).
  • Boys and girls train together in a safe & encouraging atmosphere.
  • Our Children's Karate Classes are 45 minutes long, and offer basic to advanced karate, games and friendship.
  • Every class begins with stretching and warm-ups, followed by the day's lesson and a "game" incorporating the day's lessons.
  • Your children do not have to have any special skills to excel in our program. The only thing they must have is a sense of fun and a desire to learn really cool moves!
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Our Karate Classes Build Self-Esteem

Our Reward System is the key to improving self-esteem. As children move up in rank and earn the honor of the next color belt, we celebrate this achievement with a public belt-tying ceremony. Children experience an enormous sense of pride when they are recognized by their peers. They soon realize that achievement feels good!

Our Karate Classes Improve Confidence

The physical aspect of karate improves agility, balance, coordination and reflexes, translating into better performance in team sports. It's not unusual for children who are "picked last in school sports" by their fellow students to begin being "picked early". Children also gain a sense of confidence as they become aware of their ability to defend themselves.

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Our Karate Classes Help with Shyness

As confidence grows, shyness fades away. As your child advances in rank, he/she will have fellow students asking them how to do certain moves, thus breaking the ice and making it easier to develop friends.

Our Karate Classes Teach Respect and Courtesy

We have a central principle in our teaching called "Karate Ni Sente Nashi." It means, "There is no first attack in karate." In our classes we emphasize that Karate is for self-defense only. It is the ultimate sign of respect when a child learns that it is improper to hurt another human being for any reason other than self-defense.

The value of having good manners and courtesy is emphasized in our karate classes here at The Martial Arts Center. We require our students to lead by example in the way they act, speak, perform and help. The higher ranks will be asked to assist those who are new in learning their basic techniques. This gives them a sense of responsibility and accountability for their knowledge and actions. Assisting in class is a privilege, which all children desire.

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