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My Parent is My Partner

The Martial Arts Center Atlanta invites every parent to attend class with their child.

"You will become more patient with your child's progress in the Martial Arts as you experience the same challenges that they are exposed to on a daily basis..."

"You will be able to assist your child when practicing at home or your child can assist you. Either way will contribute to a stronger and deeper relationship and foster their self esteem."

Dates of Event during the year:

  • Wednesday and Thursday, February 1st and 2nd
  • Monday and Tuesday, October 16th and 17th
  • Wednesday and Thursday, July 19th and 20th
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Parent's / Kid's Night Out

The Martial Arts Center Atlanta is excited to provide our parents with the opportunity to go out and leave the kids with us.

Our Kids always look forward to these events... They are a blast! The night's activities include pizza, a movie and non-stop challenging games. The kids love hanging out at the dojo with their friends and having fun.

Our Parent / Kid's Night Out are on Saturdays during the year from 6 to 10pm. They are for our Dragon and Tiger aged students. Our kids are welcome to 'Bring A Buddy' if they like.

Dates Of Event During The Year:

  • Saturday, February 11th (Valentine's Day)
  • Saturday, October 28th (Halloween Party)
Featured Children

Buddy Responsibilities - Must have parent of Buddy submit a 'Buddy Registration Form' prior to event. Here is the link to pass on to family of buddy:

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