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The Martial Arts Center reopened for classes as of Monday, June 1st, 2020. We created a set of guidelines outlining a conservative approach to safely resuming our Dojo Training of ‘Traditional Martial Arts, Practical Self Defense, Physical Fitness & Character Development’. Click here for our: ‘TMAC’ Member Shield Protocols (Covid-19 / Corona Virus Safety Initiative – Reopening Guidelines)

Adult Karate Tucker and Atlanta

In your Karate classes here at The Martial Arts Center in Tucker and Atlanta, you will learn the Okinawan Style of Shuri-ryu Karatedo in tandem with our style of Japanese Jujitsu. This provides versatility in training and a greater understanding of how to defend oneself.

Okinawan Shuri-Ryu Karate places a strong emphasis on angling and avoiding footwork drills in the teaching of its block, punch and kicking skills. As you gain confidence in your fundamentals, you will develop a deeper understanding of motion through our systems teaching of Goshindo ~ Breath Control, Kiai and Jujitsu Application.

In your Karate classes here at The Martial Arts Center in Tucker and Atlanta you will also have the opportunity to learn the Okinawan art of Kobudo (Weaponry) as an added bonus. Your curriculum includes the learning of the Bo Staff, Tonfa, Nunchaku and Sai as part of your weaponry training in our Karate / Jujitsu Program.

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Karate Classes at The Martial Arts Center in Tucker and Atlanta

  • You will get in GREAT SHAPE while having a lot of FUN!
  • You will learn how to block, avoid, redirect and grab as a means of stopping an attack.
  • Kicking drills are taught with the targets being above and below the waist.
  • Open and closed hand striking will be taught along with an emphasis on the pugilistic (boxing) perspective of punching.
  • You will have an opportunity to learn traditional Kata, which are formal exercises developed for the student to become proficient in their fundamental techniques as well as efficient in movement (speed, flow, transition and breathing).
  • In tandem with your empty hand training, you will begin working with weapons which find their routes in Okinawa as mentioned above.
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Eight Performance Categories

Okinawan Shuri-Ryu incorporates "Eight Performance Categories" for its practitioners to become accomplished in.

  • Ippons (Power and Form Techniques)
  • Taezus (Speed and Flow Techniques)
  • Kihons (Attack the Attack and Angling Techniques)
  • Kata (Formal Exercises)
  • Jiyu Undo (Free Exercise)
  • Kata Kumite (Form Sparring)
  • Kime Dachi Kumite (Focus Stance Sparring)
  • Kumite (Close In and Distance Sparring)
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